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Amenities at Ocean's Edge Hotel

For any assistance on Accessibility Room availability and Hotel facility information, Or for any special requests kindly contact Hotel +1 (361) 749-6427


If you’re looking for a pet-friendly Port Aransas hotel, you’re seeking the great value and pleasing experience of Ocean’s Edge Hotel. We feature easy to use free wifi, ample free parking with some room for buses, trucks and other vehicles plus free expanded cable television with the most-requested channels, money-saving and convenient in-room microwaves and even guest laundry facilities. Free coffee is available at all hours as well. We offer low rates – but that doesn’t mean you should expect a low-quality experience. We want to satisfy you every day of your stay. Reserve now and see how we work to satisfy you.

  • Free Wifi
  • Free Expanded Cable
  • Free Long-Distance Calling
  • Free Parking
  • Limited Bus/Truck Parking Available
  • ADA Amenities
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • ADA Accessible Rooms
  • Communication Assistance Available: TTY & Bed Shaker


Ocean's Edge Hotel

Hotel in Port Aransas Texas

300 W Avenue G,
Port Aransas, Texas 78373, US

Phone: +1 (361) 749-6427 Fax: +1 (361) 900-1299


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